care about your Body

You might not have given this much thought, but are you aware of all the amazing things your liver does for your health? It is probably the ultimate in unsung hero with 500 known functions in the body.

The liver can carry us through long periods of hunger because it stores glycogen, a sugar needed to fuel the body. It protects us from the toxins in our environment, and excess alcohol, rich food, and drugs.


Grenn Planet Earth

American Express sampled 2,045 people (18+ years old) and learned that 64% of them will invest in renovation projects this year, according to a survey taken in the first week of March. These homeowners are only planning on spending about $3,400 — down from $6,200 last year — but 32% of folks with home improvement plans will look into green home improvements.


Innovations In IBM

IBM is implementing another piece of its initiative to put smart networks in place, ones that retrieve and exchange information to allow intelligent decision-making.

The latest project involves putting OMRON sensors into shipping equipment in Japan. OMRON is a Japanese company that makes automation hardware and sensors.


Sun Power for Our Future

Solar power isn’t a new concept for the new millennium. In fact, the use of solar panels and solar energy has been around for several decades, though its use has been minimized by a variety of factors. For one, solar panels are rather large and are usually best suited to regions that won’t be obscured by them. Some major businesses, especially energy suppliers, have rows of solar panels in valleys and deserts, kept away from cities.


New Eco House

This is the Tiburon Bay House, a stunning LEED Platinum home owned by Helene Marsh in the San Francisco Bay area. It was designed by Butler Armsden Architects and built by McDonald Construction & Development, Inc., the same company behind a couple other high-profile LEED Platinum homes — the Margarido House and the Hillside House. Tiburon Bay House replaces a 1,500 square-foot home that was deconstructed by hand with 95% of the material going to reuse or recycling.


Dark Energy Research

Narrower constraints from the newest analysis aren’t quite narrow enough.

The international Supernova Cosmology Project (SCP), based at the U. S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, has announced the Union2 compilation of hundreds of Type Ia supernovae, the largest collection ever of high-quality data from numerous surveys. Analysis of the new compilation significantly narrows the possible values that dark energy might take—but not enough to decide among fundamentally different theories of its nature.


Green Science


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